Posted by: Sandy Graham | January 5, 2020

Society Cycle

Time and time again over the past 3,000 years, societies have blossomed into physical and mental prosperity, sometimes achieving the title of Golden Age. Including the word “age” provides a clue to the fact that they all came to an end. What goes wrong?

Sometimes envy of neighbors leads to invasion and destruction if they become vulnerable, as in the case of the Roman Empire. More insidious is destruction from within that usually starts with leaders finding themselves better off than the public at large. Wealth breeds greed, conscious or subconscious, that in time transitions to a relatively small select group bleeding off the public wealth. Why doesn’t the majority realize what’s happening and rein it in? They know their personal economy is deteriorating, their standard of living declining.

The exploiters’ method of choice is to create a myth that both hides what’s happening and promises a future salvation. One way is to warp what otherwise might be a useful religion by convincing subjects that the suffering they experience in this life will be rewarded in a fictious next life. We die, our bodies rot or are burned, so there’s no way of proving them wrong. Of course, as years accumulate, many want to believe there’s a thing called a soul that carries their entity on beyond the grave. Fine. But it doesn’t excuse the exploitation of people of all ages. To be fair, not all church leaders are making themselves or their church obscenely rich at the public expense.

The same charity cannot be shown the second approach. It involves creation of a propaganda machine with two main goals: shift the blame for economic woes onto a scapegoat (Jews, Muslims, illegal immigrants, etc.) and convince the general population that better days are coming. Building this two-pronged myth takes a heavily funded media campaign which is usually a drop in the wealthy buckets. (One hundred million dollars is one percent to someone with ten billion.) The campaign also takes a ranting egomaniac set up on a pedestal to churn emotions and bring out our basest animal characteristics (Hitler, Mussolini, Milošević, Trump, etc.).

So what brings these dark eras in turn to an end. War from external forces (Germany, Italy, Japan), revolution (France, Russia, Hungary, America), national break-up (USSR, …America?) or somewhat peaceful political upheaval (India, UK, …America?). This last most desirable alternative can only happen if the public can realistically vote for change. That realism dwindles in the face of overwhelming finances. Fortunately, in the United States there is still reasonable resources on the other side and a media generally covering both sides.

However, it takes more than money to break the myth that clouds so many eyes like cataracts. The lenses must be cleared to let in reality. Continually debunking the pedagogue’s lies, conspiracies and false attacks helps. People who enjoy public respect can help by speaking out. I happen to think a message cloaked in entertaining fiction, whether it be a movie or a novel, can also help. That conviction drove me to speak out through “Eclipse of Our Soul” …. bet you didn’t think this was a commercial😊


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