Posted by: Sandy Graham | August 19, 2019

To Publish or Not

We are in an era when this question arises after writing an article or story that criticizes the Trump cult. You may scoff saying it’s not that bad. But we now have over a million people armed with weapons of massacre destruction. And almost all answer to an unstable leader who doesn’t hesitate to sic them on his enemies.

Not too long ago, hate crime murder of minorities was difficult to tie directly to the administration. That no longer is true as evidenced by the El Paso massacre. Violence is not only enabled, it’s encouraged by thinly veiled tweets and speeches.

One of the vilest examples involves false claims that the Sandy Hook massacre is “fake news” by a cult follower. He has incited attacks on victims’ families forcing many to relocate and even one father to commit suicide. There has been no leadership attempt to rein in this atrocious behavior. Hitler’s brown shirts have arrived in the United States.

So when it comes to publishing anything critical of the current administration, one has to ask oneself, do I want to expose my family and property in this environment? Does the impact of what’s written outweigh the risk? As the orange moron would say, SAD.


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