Posted by: Sandy Graham | June 16, 2019

Fossilless – Step 4

Linda’s new car has gone 350 miles on a quart of gas. Well over 200 miles per gallon but the gage tops out there.

It’s a Honda Clarity plug-in hybrid that provides 47 miles on pure electric before kicking into the hybrid mode for the rest of its 340-mile range with a mere seven-gallon gas tank. She has yet to reach 47 miles in a given day.

Step 1:         Solar panels that provide more electricity than we use.

Step 2:         Tesla Model 3.

Step 3:         Electric tankless water heaters to reduce gas usage.

Step 4:         Honda Clarity

Step 5:         Heat pump coming in July relegates gas to power-out use only.

After replacing our worn out weed eater with a battery one (which performs better), the last remaining gas guzzler is our lawn tractor. We need it for a while at least so that I can periodically drive up to a gas pump in the Tesla and watch the quizzical stares.

We’ll have to live another ten plus years to break even but damn, it’s satisfying!


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