Posted by: Sandy Graham | June 18, 2020

Transgender Hair

Coming out of hibernation prompted this change. Actually, the Before picture represents my best effort at grooming the mop after three months at home. It was tempting to keep it on the pretense it makes me look more like an author. However, children running away screaming at the sight was convincing evidence that its time was up.

Warned the woman who has cut it for over thirty years to bring in a hedge trimmer. She failed to heed the advice and ended up with pain in the wrist of her cutting hand.

Until recently, hair on the left side insisted on displaying an outward flip which may have been a women’s fashion craze thirty years ago but was an irritation now. As the photo shows, it finally reached a length where it could be forced back in. After wading through the hair on top, she said, “You know I never realized it before. Your hair naturally wants to go the other way and would prefer a part on the right side.” Tthere’s a little evidence of that in the After photo, which shows it has the beginning of a rebellion at the tips.

Told her I didn’t want to buck the tradition of men’s hair parting on the left and flowing to the right. We agreed I must have transgender hair and I am in denial.

PS: Someone said this use of “Transgender” mocked the Trans Lives Matter movement. I don’t think it had anything to do with that, however, to be clear, I believe all human lives matter. That’s one reason I detest a leadership failure that causes over a hundred thousand unnecessary deaths.

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