Posted by: Sandy Graham | August 21, 2020

Come Back, Republicans

Many of my friends are Republican. I was too in my earlier years (pulled for Goldwater in 1964) and even today respect many of what might be called traditional republican values. In fact, “traditional” is a key word since the GOP platform no longer includes them. It’s become focused on maintaining and even aggravating our economic inequality.

Apart from the adverse effect it has on almost all Americans, this focus has precipitated a dangerous move toward dictatorship (often made less frightening with the name authoritarianism). Rise of the Trump cult has so many parallels to the Nazi rise one cannot deny paths and goals are the same:

  • Create an economy which is hard on the average citizen
  • Build distrust in the existing government
  • Set up a mouthpiece to rant at rallies and generate a cult following
  • Condone the shift of government powers to the ensconced leader
  • Foment hate against minorities and blame the problems on them
  • Set up an effective propaganda machine
  • Undermine judicial and intelligence service opposition
  • Create disturbances to justify domestic troops and militaristic actions
  • Replace elections with conveyance of power

The goal is to seize power over the nation and cement control of the economy for the benefit of a small segment of the population. Sound far-fetched? Couldn’t happen in America.

It is happening in America! The GOP leaders have become today’s Nazi’s.

And as many are beginning to say, the presidential election this November has become a decision of democracy or dictatorship. And it is a time for traditional Republicans to decide if the party they are loyal to is still the party loyal to them. Or is it time to tell the GOP leaders, we don’t want dictatorship but rather a return to traditional republican values and a democracy based on consensus and compromise.

I know this sounds rather radical, but when one is old enough to have witnessed the fallout from World War II and grown up taught about the Nazi rise and fall, it is too obvious to ignore. That motivated me to write a novel, “Eclipse of Our Soul” since I prefer to think the pen is not only mightier than the sword but assault weapons as well.

Unfortunately, I’ve decided to pull it off the market because the few, if any, votes it might influence in this election do not warrant the risk to my family of the kind of violence it describes.


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