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Sunken Raised Vegetable Garden May 23, 2021

Sunken Raised Vegetable Garden May 23, 2021

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Sunken? Yes, cut into the slope in front of our house so as to not block the view of the pasture.

Raised? Yes, so us old folks don’t have to bend over unduly.

Vegetable garden? You bet. Over 220 SQ FT of planting area.

This project started off with renting and driving a back-hoe. It’s a fix I seem to succumb to every few years. Sometimes, this being one of them, my lack of professional expertise leaves an inordinate amount of hand digging. There’s no photo of the site after the back-hoe left, it would be too embarrassing. But here a milestone has been reached. The beds are complete, with six yards of topsoil hauled from the road side of the house, and planting begun.

Still a lot of work to do, however. A rabbit fence is needed before much growth occurs and netting to keep out the already inquisitive deer. And of course, a lot of clean-up surrounding it.

Have to admit this is not an ideal project for an 82 year old but what the hell, older people have climbed Mount Rainier. And there’s a certain satisfaction in getting it done without a heart attack. The downside is working a two hour day, at most. On the upside, those vegetables will taste just a little bit better than any others.

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