Posted by: Sandy Graham | September 29, 2021

Pillage Trilogy Published

This series traces the tragedies and triumphs experienced by Delbert Pillage and Sylvia Cairns on British Columbia islands in the 1940-70 time period. Heart-wrenching, heart-warming historical fiction.

Some of you will recognize these books as the “Two Love” series re-titled and you will be right. They have received some refinement and editing, particularly Life Shattered, but the stories haven’t changed. So, why re-title them? Because a reviewer once said she expected a romance novel and while she thought the book was four star quality, gave it a two star rating instead. That has bothered me ever since, especially since it is the only bad rating Two Loves Lost has received.

These books are literary fiction that cross genre borders of young adult, romance, adventure, and historical fiction. Yes, the mid 1900’s are now history. Not just in years, but also in culture and lifestyle. It makes me melancholy to realize I’m a relic of that bygone era, yet there’s a measure of pride as well. People were more civil then, less materialistic, less stressed daily. They ate natural food for the most part and were spared the mental invasion of television. But yes, that’s history now.

If you haven’t read any of these books when cloaked in a Two Loves cover, I challenge you to read only one. Each whets the appetite for the next. In fact, I’m beginning to wish I had not labelled it a trilogy since thoughts are brewing for another one. Could it be called Volume 4 of the trilogy? Or do they have to all be changed to a tetralogy, quadrology, or whatever one calls a set of four. The smart thing would have been to simply call it a series.

If you haven’t read Volume 1, let me tell you that amongst the high ratings:

  • One woman read 116 pages the day she received it and finished it the next day.
  • A man said he got up in the middle of the night to read some more chapters.
  • Another woman cancelled a hair appointment so she could keep reading.

Foregoing a hair appointment is just about the highest praise a book could receive. In any case, if you’re unfamiliar with these books and now curious, you can peek inside on

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