Posted by: Sandy Graham | November 15, 2021

Winter Garments

Our “citrus grove” has its winter cloak on’

“Grove” is stretching reality a bit. It contains one lime tree and one Safsumi mandarin orange which the nursery claimed was sufficiently hardy for our location. I doubt that. In an effort to prove them right, this gently heated eyesore will make an appearance each winter and be removed when the frost season ends. Of course, windstorms like we had on Monday may well end its life prematurely.

Here it is up close before the side panels were added, showing our two little friends. The roof is needed to handle a significant snowfall. Notice it’s tied on with short pieces of rope. It’s easy to remove, as are the end panels and the side panels roll down when the cold ends – or a windstorm is forecast. In summer, there’s a relatively inconspicuous pipe skeleton that holds up the deer fence.

Yes, it’s a way too much work for a few lemons and hopefully delicious oranges. But who can ignore a challenge? If you hear nothing about our citrus grove next year, you’ll know I failed and planted potatoes instead.

PS: Almost missed a “forest fire in the sky” sunset last night:

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