Eclipse of Our Soul

Motivation for this novel came from two sources, one personal, one political.

I’ve found it interesting in recent years to delve into the contrasts between extroverts and introverts; how they differ and how they complement each other, their aggravations and their successes. This novel explores that by mating an extremely musical extrovert with a deaf introvert. An unlikely combination, yet one that proves each can build up the other.

The political motivation comes from the dire threat America faces today. While aware that many Republicans support traditional Republican values, it is perfectly clear that the present GOP leadership does not. In 2015, I published “Ickee Mushta” which explored the above contrast and accurately forecast the outcome of the 2016 election, albeit in a fictional format. Events rolled over that story, burying it in an avalanche of disasters that obsoleted it. So I pulled it from the market.

My answer to this problem has been to write a new novel with some of the same background but carrying the story forward in a fashion that allows it to stand regardless of what happens next to the nation. If along the way, it causes a few to realize the cancer in the GOP needs to be put into remission to save our democracy, then wonderful.

What do I mean? I lived during the fallout from Hitler’s reign of terror and grew up taught of its atrocities and tragedies. The parallels are too obvious and too frightening. GOP leaders are today’s Nazi’s and they follow the same agenda:

  • Create an economy which is hard on the average citizen
  • Build distrust in the existing government
  • Set up a mouthpiece to rant at rallies and generate a cult following
  • Condone the shift of government powers to the ensconced leader
  • Foment hate against minorities and blame the problems on them
  • Set up an effective propaganda machine
  • Undermine judicial and intelligence service opposition
  • Create disturbances to justify domestic troops and militaristic actions
  • Corrupt and discredit elections
  • Replace elections with conveyance of power

The goal is to seize power over the nation and cement control of the economy for the benefit of a small segment of the population. Sound far-fetched? Couldn’t happen in America.

It is happening in America!

Many are beginning to say, the presidential election this November has become a decision of democracy or dictatorship. That is the political motivation behind this novel. But don’t let that scare you away from the book. Sure, there are a few pedantic outbursts, but it remains an entertaining read.

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