Ickee Mushta


YA Novel For Today’s America…
When I wrote this novel in 2014, Trump was busy making money by generating failures and defrauding students. He had not yet stumbled on the political con game. But the Tea Party was running rampant and the Republican congress was effectively blocking every progressive change called for by Obama. Fox News was spewing out propaganda that even my clear-thinking friends swallowed. The writing was on the wall and I decided to put it on paper.

But why use a young adult genre to combat the rising trend towards fascism? Because younger generations see a better road for the future of the world.

Perhaps they have looked for it in retaliation to the suppression blanketing their chances to succeed and enjoy a happy, meaningful life. If so, the corporate leaders and rich individuals will harvest what they have sown. Ironically, many of them have been instrumental in arming today’s younger generations with a communications technology which will overcome the seeds of racism, bigotry and betrayal they also planted. Still, it remains to be seen if the Trump followers they have armed with assault weapons can be put down at the polls.

There is a potential downside to electronic communication and social media that bothers me also. Is it undermining our children’s education or is it facilitating it? That subject is explored as well by taking it a step forward which was a leap in 2014 but looks more like a tiny step with each passing year.

Much More Than Political …
Ickee is actually the story of a charismatic, extroverted American boy with perfect pitch and a beautiful, deaf introverted girl. Their contrasts lead to a blend of advantages for each other with pitfalls they create. There is humor. There is emotion. There is treachery and tragedy as Ickee takes on the radical conservative element.

This novel fits the young adult genre even though it starts with Ickee’s first day of school. Most of the story deals with the pair’s transition into adulthood.

Why The Confederate Shadow …
People have asked why I show a shadow of the confederate flag behind the Stars and Stripes. In view of happenings in South Carolina, shouldn’t it be blown away. If only it could be, but the truth is much of what it stood for still exists like a black cloud periodically sneaking over the horizon. In fact, as Ickee explains, there is good reason to claim that the Confederates actually won the Civil War. And the battle between the rich and those they feast on continues today. Plantation barons have been replaced by corporate Tsars but the intent is the same. With a few notable exceptions, the goal remains to maximize profit at the expense of middle class Americans and those mired in poverty.

Ickee goes on to explain how the Tea Puppet strategy today is only different in that violence is not as often employed. That too is changing with promoted racism, religious intolerance and zealots ability to own deadly weapons. With or without the racist flag flying, the shadow of confederacy hangs over us still.

To peek into the book, please visit my website.

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