Pizza Dough King

PDKCoverNiche Market Entrepreneurs …
People have built fortunes around very strange products, some make you slap your forehead and wonder why you didn’t think of them, others almost no one would recognize.

Decades ago, a bank clerk tired of counting and rolling coins in paper packages, invented a clear plastic container which held exactly the correct number of coins, No more counting. Obvious solution and it made him rich.

At the other end of the spectrum, how many of us would think of building a business which does nothing but produce bacteria? In fact, only the enzyme used to produce lactose-free milk. I know the man who built this single product business. I also know a couple who have a thriving business producing pizza dough for large and small pizza chains. They were the inspiration for the niche business chosen in this book. I should point out that people and events in the story bear no relation to them or their lives, colorful as they are in their own right.

The Pizza Dough King is the life story of Dino Parelli told in his own words and thoughts, from his senior year in high school on. His wry sense of humor lets him poke fun at himself as well as others. Each success comes at a price. Watch his outlook and demeanor shift with age and events.  PDK combines a poignant and emotional story with some campaigning on my part regarding corporate ethics and individual morals. You can peek at Chapter One by visiting

Behind The Scenes …
I’ve wanted to write a story in first person and now that I have, know the constraints it places on storytelling. Everything that happens in the book must be viewed by Dino. No rambling off into a sub-plot or lengthy descriptions. However, it does keep the story moving. A consequence of this is the story length, about 200 pages. A good friend thinks it should be longer to do justice to the many experiences a person enjoys or suffers in the course of a lifetime. It’s true that I picked slices through Dino’s life which was meant to correlate with slices of a pizza (pretty corny but that’s what I am at times, too many times according to some friends).

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