Life Rescued


Behind The Scenes …
Life Rescued
is a sequel to my first novel which became feasible when Delbert survived the crash. The question for me then was whether or not a full novel could be created with him tied to a wheelchair, paralyzed from the waist down. One way would be to have him miraculously regain the feeling in his legs and learn to walk with artificial feet. I rejected that outright.

A more interesting and realistic approach is to have him strive to live with his handicap and still embroil him in adventures. I watched an employee in a similar situation cope magnificently, including playing wheelchair basketball in a competitive league. He refused to let one see any sign of hardship.

I also had a distant cousin who was shot in the spine at eleven by a boy playing with a gun. She remained popular throughout her school years, eventually married and had a child. That, plus some outher discussions and research proved a continued sex life is common after paralysis, depending on where in the spine the damage occurs. I chose a location for Delbert to take advantage of that. The original release of this story, under the title Two Loves Found, included some coverage of what their sex life might be like. The book was selling nicely with eBooks selling 2-4 copies per day, when suddenly sales ended abruptly. Not another book sold. The cause was a diabolically worded poison pen review on Amazon.

Despite all the good reviews, Amazon refused to remove it. I surmised that the reviewer was offended by my the sex coverage, removed it and republished under the title Two Loves Sought. Now it’s retitled again to Life Rescued to get away from the romance novel impression. I seem to be addicted to retitling.

The next issue was what kind of adventure should befall Delbert and Sylvia. I wanted to bring in a way to get him flying again. After all, that was one of his lost loves. It seemed appropriate to continue to show his intelligence. Why not have him design a homebuilt plane he could fly? And to give him incentive, why not provide an objective for him with the airplane?

True to character, his design is novel in many ways. The frontal view above shows how unconventional the airplane is, however, care was taken to keep the design viable. In fact, that was an aspect which added significant enjoyment to this project.

Smuggling In The Northwest …
During Prohibition, liquor smuggling ran rampant in the Pacific Northwest. With all the islands, coves and inlets, patrols could not control whisky runners in high speed boats. Musgrave’s Landing, a small cove on Salt Spring Island, formed an ideal den for smugglers. There was no road to it and essentially no way to catch them in the act. After Prohibition it returned to simply a remote farm settlement. When the 1960’s ushered in a widespread U.S. drug market, the smugglers were back in business. I believe they operated out of Musgrave’s Landing because some often descended on weekends on a girl renting a cabin from my mother in Fulford Harbour. This prompted my mother to sell the cabin and 135 acres with it at a ridiculously low price. Doubt if she ever realized how much her peace of mind cost.

Smuggling Route Maps …
These two maps will help orient you to the scene of the action.


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